This class includes floor activities from gymnastics combined with the ease and grace of dance.  Acrobatics focuses on three skill sets: flexibility, control and strength.  Starting with handstands, forward rolls and cartwheels, then building to aerial work, handsprings and tucks, students will surely "flip" for this class.


Ballet is the foundation for all types of dance techniques. The structure of this class enhances students’ physical and mental discipline while improving  posture, placement, flexibility, and strength.  Each class begins with barre and  center work, followed by exercises across the floor and reverence.  Students  learn performance skills and music fundamentals while cultivating  self-confidence and presence. 

Ballet/Jazz Combo (for < 8 yrs old)

Combination classes such as this offer the young dancer an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of two different styles of dance in one class. The Ballet/Jazz Combo class will focus on ballet technique and movement, jazzed up with funky music and fun dance combinations.


This class incorporates ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical dance styles, while focusing on the interpretation of music and feeling rather than structured steps.  Contemporary dance combines lush, fluid movements with quirky and pedestrian gestures, as well as lots of jumps, turns, and rolls. Physical activities, related to the aspects of space, time, shape, and movement dynamics, are explored through individual work as well as group participation. 


The newest and most popular form of dance on the scene!  Hip-Hop incorporates urban movements, such as street funk dance, popping and locking.  Learn how to move like “America's Best Dance Crew,” from professional dance educators that have extensive experience in this genre of dance. Music and movements are all age-appropriate. 

Boys' Hip-Hop

Similar to hip-hop class described above yet geared for boys to thrive in a comfortable environment.  They can channel athleticism while learning multiple styles encompassed in the hip-hop genre:   pop, lock, crump, funk, and break-dancing.

Hippity-Hop (Pre-K)

Has your child wanted to, "dance like the big kids?” Well now is his or her chance!  Hippity Hop is hip-hop for the younger set.  This class focuses on rhythm, body awareness, simple choreography and high-energy fun, all set to cool, funky, age-appropriate music!

Jazz Funk

Jazz had become a popular dance style due to its prevalence in theater, movies and television.  This edgier and trendier version of a typical jazz class includes fundamentals and technique along with fun, pop choreography.   Students will learn how to pirouette, jeté, scissor, and rock to their favorite age-appropriate music! 

Lil' Hipsters (Seasonal, Drop-In Class for Ages 2-4)

This delightful 30 minute session involves gentle warm-ups, simple yoga positions and fun, beginner dance moves to get your toddler moving and shaking!  Easy games allow the students to play with one another in a structured setting while they exercise just enough to help them fall right to sleep at night.  This class is typically timed conveniently during classes for the older siblings in Hippity-Hop.